London Fashion Week

Oscars collide with London Fashion week

Who actually wears the correct colours and style for either event. And who simply follows fashion or the crowd.

I am not going to be openly critical.  Just observational.

Artists have lived the Grammies and saved their best kit for the Oscars. Struggled for weeks with obtaining the body of choice. Spent many hours with their voice coach. The life stylist has a list of how to set yourself apart from the crowd. And you have heard of  the rule 93% visible image includes body language, which leaves only 7 % for what you say. But, will you be allowed to have a voice.

Men you are able to call on the appropriate black suit.

Women it is not so simple.

Also, statements that we ”are more than our outfit”. Yet often accept the option of garments as a marketing gift to wear at such events.  So who will take advantage of being themselves.

It is time for individuals to make sure their last impression is as successful as their 1st.  It’s tough. Who gets it right?

Who will we remember? For the right reasons.

Who achieved at the Oscars?

Who will achieve at London fashion week?

Oscars and London Fashion Week Collide