Handmade Knitwear Turtle Neck

Have You Noticed the Turtleneck?

Turtle Neck Sweater

Fantastic new season sweater shape. But, which shape of neck line works best for you?

Falling off shoulders?
High roll neck?
Soft wide neck roll?
Low minimum roll neck?

Bespoke offers you all options. The proportions that work for you. Colour, style, details including finesse of fabric.

Bespoke. ”A unique experience that ultimately respects and enhances your sense of style and confidence. Your colouring. Your style. Your design needs met.”

So, putting anxiety aside; as to which shape of collar works best for you. Ask for help. Want bespoke hand made knitwear. Talk to me Claire 01833 637325 claire@claireid.com

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Turtle NeckClaire Handmade Turtle Neck  Fashion Shoot Turtle