You know you have done something dramatic , when people stop still in their tracks. No words. No movement. Just looking

Some reverse out.

Some bounce in

I knew I had dramatically changed the window displays. But !?
Changed because some leverage and encouragement came from talking to clients. There is always lots of discussion. Or None.
This was an eager exchange. Obviously A very devoted couple to each other. Also professionals.[ Any one want  furniture upholstered?I know a great couple]

Design . Individual. Unique. The space is here to inspire.

How people enter through the door says a lot.
I offer bespoke guidance with what does and doesn’t work for the individual. Offering design expertise.The ability to fashion forecast what will will work now and next season and beyond. Trend for any investments. Jewellery and accessories. Manufacture what the client wants.
Concidering each individual is crucial and a pleasure.

How do I project this through the glass shop window
”We simply did not expect to see this” is very plainly written on faces.
Did they reverse?

Partner did
LIngering with a conscience, one eye on the heels of the other.
I know no one is safe. But the time has to be right.

. Either way the doors open.
And more significantly designer showrooms are open. What fashion trend would you like to discuss. Who would you like like to discuss. Will you reverse or bounce ?