The Art Of People Watching In The World Of Fashion

The who, what, where, when and how to wear on the street.

Here I sit, people watching. A sort of gallery of style where fashion and art collide. Truly the best things in life are free!

Following a thrilling collision of cultures, whilst nestled in an artisan quarter of England – a town voted by the Sunday Times to be one of the best 101 towns to live in in England – I perpetuate individual style and creative ambition; cultivating an air of style and quality to thrive in the minds of those who dare.

Having set a precedence of an air of mystique around the Claire label, I’m quietly inspiring conversation to a distinctive customer – the unconventional, perhaps – answering questions such as what’s my colour? What’s my size?Can you make it for me?

Everything is under construction. No two people are the same, not even twins. Attempting a sort of symbiotic relationship, creatively resolving fashion problems. A problem solver I would not have described myself, if it were not for reflecting on these numerous years of designing, colour coaching, styling.

There is an art to working with people. It requires all your senses and the ability to build relationships within seconds. A master of body language. Highly tuned to the unspoken, yet having a penchant for life stories. Empathy. Accountability. Integrity. Not judgement or superiority.

The art of people watching. It’s an experience that motivates my designs. Trend aware, but more people aware. Creating traditional and avant-garde tailored fine knitwear. Refined investments to the individual.

I do like to inspire conversation.

Look at the person. The height. The shape. Proportions. Scale – and individual colour! Not just an opinion. Fact, but complemented with a huge dollop of personality. And respected lifestyle.

It’s about being able to give guidance that transcends price. You can almost feel the confidence grow.
You can detect the next question – what should I get next? For me. My home. My life.

A conversation has begun, defiant of language and accent. Lots of pointing, eye contact, illustration and laughter.

It is art.

It is how you feel.
Who will I meet today.