Welcome To A Melting Pot Of Thoughts, Ideas, Fashion And Culture

Having created a precedence of an air of mystique around the Claire label over many years, I’m looking to expand, diversify and intrigue in the online arena.

A collision of fashion, art and culture awaits you, providing you with material to not just dream on, but to make real; to sample and to enjoy.

All through the eyes of a designer, image coach, colourist, stylist, manufacturer and retailer, the aim is to create a bespoke colouring and styling blog for distinctly different people. I want to reach out to the young and the old, irrelevant of creed, colour, ideas or styles.

I want to draw on years of experience working in the fashion industry, whereby I’ve provided advice. I’ve designed clothes and won awards. I’ve enjoyed. I’ve loved it. I’ve succeeded.

As with most of my peers, my thoughts come irregularly, but when they come, they do so in abundance. I remain flooded with ambition and drive; clarity and precision that has only been of assistance throughout my career to date.

My aim is to update this blog regularly, but what that may be is yet to be seen. Sometimes daily and other times weekly, my posts will exude my thoughts of the time, hopefully becoming entertaining and of interest to everyone who reads them.

Above all else, on this blog, I want to educate and inspire. I want to speak to everyone interested in the industry and provide them with information that, in some way, will of be of use to them, whether that’s in a minor or major way and direct or otherwise.

Thriving on the discussions I have regularly with customers, colleagues, friends and relatives alike, I adore the interaction and so encourage you to use this blog as a platform to voice your own ideas and leave a comment below.

You could send me an e-mail or give me a call instead – even drop into my shop in the town of Barnard Castle and speak face-to-face.

This blog is an entirely new journey for me and my anticipation levels of what’s to come are only exceeded by my excitement for the future and my continued passion for this wonderful industry.