ITV Lorraine Breakfast Television with Sherrie Hewson – Tuesday 25th August 2015

Sherrie Hewson clearly highlights this morning just how strongly she felt about her appearance.

“Over the years I’ve noticed a difference in my face and I feel my life’s hardships has shown too much. Having previously had a face lift, I have established my body does not react well to anesthetic. I was determined to try a non evasive, non intrusive route. I did not want my face to change, I wanted a confidence boost. I can at least now leave my bedroom in the morning without full makeup!”

I was fascinated to listen to the interview and feel very strongly that you do not need either the anesthetic route or the ultra healthy route. The most successful route for a confidence boost is the ultimate ‘non evasive, non intrusive route’. A consultation to establish you true colours to compliment your hair, skin and eyes will make you look radiant and feel confident.

No need for makeup. Makeup is purely only worn to compliment. No need for surgery. Enjoy the age you are.

Visit the story here: http://www.itv.com/lorraine/on-the-show