“Hi Claire, what’s this about your Claire knitwear?” “I have a couple of Claire’s. Don’t get me wrong it’s not that I don’t like them but I have lost a lot of weight. They simply do not fit me very well anymore.” 

So over the years your shape has changed. But also fashion styles have changed dramatically. But the classics are a timeless investment. So pop in and we will discuss whether you want to alter them to fit. Or part with them.

I am happy to do either.

We have the skills to design and customize for you and your Claire knitwear.

It’s exciting being reminded of all the designs that we have produced over 35 years.

Maybe you will like to part exchange yours for a  new contemporary design.

Come in and we’ll have a fun discussion. Or you can post your garments to me along with a contact number and we can discuss over the phone what your requirements are.