Feminine & Masculine

Discussing how to describe, label and size clothes for my website became a significant conversation this weekend.  A strikingly differently dressed individual came to visit my shop.  Pinstripe jacket and braces purchased (actually kept on and walked out of the shop).

Discussions lead to staying in touch.  New website.  Exciting new trends.  And the hurdles of projecting the experience of the shop and the collections online.

This was followed by a predictive conversation on the dilemma of comparing size 12 with chest 42″, more a conclusive …. “why can’t things be described as Feminine & Masculine?”

This is one opinion.  From someone confident with their dress style.

I like the concept and as someone who avidly researches, predictions on fashion and art culture, make things bespoke, influences trends, listening to this singular voice requesting something so simple registered very significantly.  Especially when I reflect on the trends of next season.  Masculine and Feminine you are about to have fun.